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Applications opened September 1, 2022, the deadline for applications is October 17, 2022.

The Springfield Cultural Council is designed to serve individuals and/or oragnizations throughout Greater Springfield in cultural and art projects for public benefit in the following areas: Humanities, Arts & Culture and Interpretive Sciences. For more information please contact Andrew at

All applicants should submit their applications through the online system.

Definitions and Requirements Explained

Arts: refer to the creation of work in the crafts and performing, visual, media, folk, design, literary, and interdisciplinary arts. They also include the presentation and preservation of, and education about works in these disciplines.

Humanities: are types of learning that deal with human values and aspirations, human thought and culture, language, and creativity. Examples include but are not limited to, history, social studies, philosophy, criticism, and literature.

Sciences: are types of learning that deal with nature, science, and technology in ways that explain how they relate to people's lives. Organizations that conduct this type of activity include aquariums, botanical gardens, nature centers, natural history museums, planetariums and science centers.

Public Benefit: Funds must be used to support activities that contribute to the cultural vitality of the community as a whole rather than benefiting any private individual or group. This does not mean that a large crowd of people needs to participate in order to satisfy the public benefit requirement. For example, an artist working with a small group of teens is a valid public benefit. Whenever possible, activities funded by LCCs should be available to the general public by exhibit, performance, demonstration, reading, or other means.

For more information please contact Andrew at

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